Wherever your passion lies, the 刑事司法 major will equip you to make a difference. 


Explore your options — classes, internships, research and study abroad. 使用 刑事司法专业指南, 找到你感兴趣的, 发现你的所爱, and create a major experience that jumpstarts your future. 

保护无辜者. 维护公共秩序. Identify 犯罪 trends and risk factors in the community. Intervene in the lives of young people who’ve made a mistake, and help them get back on track. Assist people who’ve served their time in re-entering society and becoming productive citizens.

This is a field that engages both the head and the heart: You’ll need to know the law and be able to process information and make smart decisions, 但你也需要人际交往能力, 同理心, and a desire to contribute to something greater than yourself.

通过研究刑事司法, you’ll learn 识别 patterns of criminal behavior and understand the different facets of the criminal justice system. You’ll study the processes for rehabilitation and treatment for those who’ve committed 犯罪s, 学习法律和司法哲学.

Learn from professors with experience in the field and from guest speakers including Austin attorneys, 执法人员和顾问. Your community-based internship will give you the real-world experience you need for a career in a field that’s vital to society.


刑事司法 majors go on to a variety of careers and graduate schools from St. 爱德华的. 这里有一个例子.

  • 奥斯汀和达拉斯警察局的警官
  • Investigator for the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office
  • 美国情报分析员.S. 律政司
  • Investigator for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
  • Law students at The University of Texas at Austin and the University of Houston Law Center


St. 365比分网电竞 counts more than 25,000 alumni around the globe. Some are making their mark in the job they started right after graduation. 其他人则在多个职业中表现出色. 看看他们都是怎样的 以教育为基础 他们在圣。. 爱德华的.  


Your 刑事司法 classes will introduce you to real-world settings through field trips, 观察, 志愿者工作和动手项目. You can apply the knowledge you gain through this experience in an internship. Student organizations dedicated to criminal justice give you a forum to learn about careers and meet students with similar interests. 


《365bet足球比分》, you’ll interview someone who works in the field to get a professional perspective on criminal justice careers.

在犯罪学, you’ll examine the 19th-century case of the Austin serial killer known as the Midnight Assassin, 利用现代犯罪数据信息和模式. 在研究这个案例时, 这个问题一直没有解决, you’ll learn about the culture and values of the community that influenced the investigation. You’ll work in teams in a 结构 that mimics that of professional criminal justice investigations.

《365比分网电竞》, 在模拟审判中, you’ll visit one of the Travis County District Courts that handles criminal cases. Your professor will introduce you to the attorneys and judge, 谁来详细解释一下这个过程. A criminal attorney will also visit your class to discuss the profession.

In 模拟试验, you’ll learn about the jury trial system by staging a trial for a fictional case. Each student in your class will act as both a lawyer and a witness. You’ll learn how to present 打开报表 and 关闭参数, 直接和交叉询问证人, 以及证据证物的介绍. The class will introduce you to legal reasoning and argument in the context of trial advocacy. 

在受害者研究, you’ll complete the Texas Victim Assistance Training, a statewide educational program that trains new victim advocates in the basics of service delivery. 然后, you’ll have the option to complete an additional 30 hours of more specialized credits in victim service training. Or, you can volunteer 20 hours with an organization that provides service and education for 犯罪 victims. Students have worked with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, 奥斯汀警察局受害者服务中心, 和外管局联盟. In these settings, you’ll see real-world applications of what you’ve learned in class. This training background also can make you a more attractive candidate for future jobs and internships. 


圣. 爱德华的 刑事司法 Club is a chapter of the American 刑事司法 Association, αλε. 俱乐部每月开两次会,听取客座演讲, 去实地考察, 提供社区服务, 一起完成训练.

Alpha Phi Sigma is the national criminal justice honor society.

α δ, 法律预科组织, 每周聚会一次,听取嘉宾演讲, 了解法学院的录取程序, 参加导师计划, 做服务工作,学习实习. The club also has a mock trial team that competes in events hosted by the American 模拟试验 Association and α δ. 该团队已经前往华盛顿特区.C.,竞争.


这个及时的课程, taught by Assistant Professor of 刑事司法 Lisa Holleran, will explore questions with students about the criminal justice system, such as: Why do some people commit 犯罪s while others do not? What are the relevant factors in a person's life that contribute to 犯罪? 警察在工作中都做些什么? 为什么只有6%的案件上了法庭? 剩下的人怎么办? 谁来帮助受害者?